Who does the FSK Lions Support?

The Club’s many projects that serve the community include providing eyeglasses and examinations to the needy, aid to the blind, and scholarships to outstanding high school graduates; contributing to local charities; contributing to Lions-sponsored programs for sight and hearing conservation, as well as conducting health and vision screening clinics. The Club sponsors a Little League baseball team, removes trash from a portion of the public highway, and staffs games for residents at the Odd Fellows Nursing Home.

Within Frederick there are many places to drop unused eyeglasses to be recycled and distributed to those with limited means who need eye glasses. FSK Lions provide all labor and costs associated with these collection efforts.

Eyeglass Collection Boxes

Above all else, the Lions work to bring sight to as many people as possible. One of the ways we do this is through eyeglass collection boxes. Across the country – and here in Frederick – used eyeglasses are collected and sent to a central processing facility. There the glasses are inspected, the prescription is measured, and the glasses are catalogued for distribution around the world. Your glasses, donated to the Lions, could find a new owner in the U.S., South America, or any of the 180 countries around the world where the Lions are actively working to meet vision needs. In Frederick there are several places you can drop off your used glasses.
Eyeglass collection boxes location list.

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Lions Vision Research Foundation

The primary purpose of the Lions Vision Research Foundation (LVRF) is to support low vision research and rehabilitation to minimize the disabilities caused by low vision and blindness. The objectives of the LVRF are being met through its partnership with the Lions Vision Research and Rehabilitation Center (LVC), at the Wilmer Eye Institute of The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore, Maryland.
Learn more about LVRF.

Camp Merrick

Camp Merrick has a special place in our hearts. It is a summer camp in Maryland supported by Lions Clubs in District 22-W. It is a place specially constructed for children who have a special need. Each summer Camp Merrick is filled with the laughter of children enjoying life and summer activities. Whether their special needs are related to vision, hearing, or some other realm, these children are given a place to experience the joyous abandon of childhood days spent at a summer camp.
Learn more about Camp Merrick.

FSK Lions Club Medical Equipment Program

Please see our Medical Equipment Lending Page

Future Projects

Lions are constantly changing to more effectively meet the needs of their community which change over time.
FSK Lions are also active in a variety of other activities, from assisting at blood drives to establishing eye sight exams for the needy. Keep checking back to get the latest!

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