FSK Lions Club Members

Below you will meet some of the members of the FSK Lions Club. These are people in the community – you may meet them in the grocery store, the bank, while waiting in line at the post office. While Lions come from a variety of backgrounds, they are all the same in their dedication to community service. Thank you for taking some time to meet the members of the FSK Lions Club – we invite you to get to know us better over a meal. Contact our Membership Chair to arrange the introductions. We look forward to meeting you.

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Lions Club Officers 2022-2023


Lion John Aulls



Secretary / Montevue Chair / NFES Liaison

Lion J. Lynn Stimmel

Treasurer / Sunshine

Lion Suzanne E. Everhart

Membership Chairman

Lion Suzanne E. Everhart


Lion Darlene Aulls

Lion Wil Rice

Lion Guy Everhart

Lion DeVeda Coley

Lion Tamer

Lion John Aulls

Tail Twister

Lion John Aulls

LCIF Chairman / Marketing Chair / Food Bank Chair

Lion Gary Bennett

Immediate Past President

Lion Paul Gray

Keynotes Editor

Lion J. Lynn Stimmel

Social Media Coordinator

Lion DeVeda Coley


Michael & Lion Judy Duears

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2022-2023 Leadership Team: Treasurer Toni L. Gray, Secretary J. Lynn Stimmel, installing officer PDG Barbara Brimigion, President Paul W. Gray, Vice-president Duane R. Voitel, Tail Twister/Lion Tamer John G. Aulls.

FSK Lions Club -New Lion Villalta Image

President Paul Gray, PDG Barbara Brimigion, new Lion Daysi C. Villalta, sponsoring Lion Darlene Aulls.

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