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Bob Martin, Executive Director since 1994 of the non-profit Tree-Land Foundation he co-founded, will speak to the Francis Scott Key Lions Club at their 4/22/2014 meeting on “Overcoming 5 Global Problems in One Easy Step.” During his presentation Martin, who is also Lions District 22W Sight Conservation Chairman and coordinates eyeglass drop-offs for Region III and who owned Frederick Schwinn from 1985 until 2001, will describe how we all can solve a global public health problem, cure the world's No. 1 learning disability, reduce illiteracy, diminish blindness, and overcome poverty in one easy step.

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March 25, 2014

The Francis Scott Key Lions Club recently heard a presentation on “Three Faiths, One God: Similarities Among Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.” The speaker, Emily Stetler, an assistant professor of theology at Mt. St. Mary’s University, Emmitsburg, is originally from York, PA, and has studied at the University of Pennsylvania, Trinity College Dublin, and Notre Dame. Conflict, both ancient and contemporary, falling along religious lines, may give the impression that harmony among religions is an impossibility; in particular, relations among Jews, Christians, and Muslims has been and, at times and in places, continue to be politically charged, with tensions sometimes flaring into violence. Yet Judaism, Christianity, and Islam share common roots, and their traditions show a strong family resemblance. Both the teachings and practices of these religions are more alike than different. All three religions place an importance on the virtue of hospitality; all are Abrahamic religions, tracing back to Abraham (or Ibrahim in Islam); all share the same God, the same common geography, and the same sacred history. All three faiths have a structure of formal prayers at set times but also allow for spontaneous prayer; all have an ideal of treating others with grace, compassion, and justice.

Shown with Stetler is FSK Lions President Paul Gray.

The FSK Lions meet the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the Barbara Fritchie Candystick Restaurant, 1513 West Patrick Street, Frederick. Dinner is $16.50 a person. For additional information on the FSK Lions or on becoming a Lion, visit www.fsklions.org or contact Membership Chairman Darlene Aulls at 301/662-2360.

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"Rockin' the Vest" Music Video

Lions Rap VideoHave you seen the Lions rap video "Rockin' the Vest?" We want this video to go viral to show as many people as possible the great work Lions do - and get them excited about serving their communities as Lions. Help spread the word by e-mailing the video to your family and friends. Placing it on your Facebook page. And sharing it with local TV stations and newspapers. When doing so, be sure to include information about how your club is improving the community. A radio PSA version is also available.


Are you new to Frederick? You'll find the FSK Lions are a warm, welcoming group of people with social and business contacts throughout the area. By working on community service projects, you'll get to know the exceptional people of Frederick, and the FSK Lions. You'll also savor that extraordinary feeling of goodness which comes from making a positive change in the life of someone in need.

We appreciate your time in visiting, and hope you will contact our Membership Chair  to set up a visit with us. You can join us at our usual supper meeting (the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month) or learn more about Lions by pitching in on a project.

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*At the Lions International site, you will learn about the history of the Lions, the breadth of Lions work around the world, and neat stuff like key chains and golf hats available at the site.

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